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The A-team livestreams Ewok and Roll

T-hawk, Jun 26, 12 5:28 AM.

Character transfers begin June 12

T-hawk, Jun 7, 12 2:14 AM.
Free character transfers begin June 12.  All players on Daragon Trail will have the option to transfer  to a single as yet unnamed server assigned to us by Bioware.  This destination server will be the only server Bioware will allow Daragon Trail characters to transfer to and other low pop servers will also have this same destination server which will result in a single high pop server.  Ewok and Roll will be transferring the guild to this new destination server, however you must transfer your own individual characters and be reinvited to the guild on the new server.  Details can be read here.

Update: Daragon Trail was not included in the initial list of servers eligible for free transfers. Either it will be added later, or our server isn't dead enough? I hope this changes soon, here is the where you can see the latest status.

Update 2: Daragon Trail characters can now transfer to The Bastion server.  Transfer over there and let someone know to invite you back into the guild. Here are the servers that will be joining us there:


Rakata Mind Prison --> The Bastion
Nadd's Sarcophagus --> The Bastion
The Crucible Pits --> The Bastion
Black Vulkars --> The Bastion
Daragon Trail --> The Bastion

Dark Reaper --> The Bastion
The Swiftsure --> The Bastion
Wound in the Force --> The Bastion
Warriors of the Shadow --> The Bastion
Shadowtown --> The Bastion
Mandalore the Indomitable --> The Bastion
Infinite Empire --> The Bastion
The Maw --> The Bastion

May the Fourth be with you PvP Duel Tournament Results! Fer'rhaal is our tournament champion!

T-hawk, May 4, 12 11:06 PM.

Photobombing the Champ pic


T-hawk, Apr 24, 12 7:02 PM.

Tatooine- Ewok and Roll's Imperial Frogdogs huttball team and Thunderhawk provided a Bantha steak dinner for more than 7000 children newly orphaned by the Rakghoul virus at the Tatooine Rakghoul Virus Mission on Sunday.

Thunderhawk, along with the help from his guild, Ewok and Roll, donated and served a dinner and dessert to the humans, twi'liks and other aliens that were being treated at the free Rakghoul virus vaccination clinic that evening.

Thunderhawk was also joined by star huttball players RPS-Paper, Fer'rhaal and Ezra as they personally assisted with serving dinner to the 7000 diners.

After dinner, Fer'rhaal provided each guest with a charred ear of an actual huttball adversary incinerated in the Pit as a gift to commemorate the cure of the virus. Showing the depth of their charity Fer'rhaal also secretly revealed to us that the steak dinners had been poisioned saying, "Everyone knows Tatooine orphans are useless and we're happy to be able to put them out of their misery."

Ewok and Roll is dedicated to assisting those in need by providing resources and creating opportunities for a productive way of life through the dark side. With strength, cunning and endurance as values, to name a few, the guild’s well known "Random Acts of Violence against Republics" program encourage and promote domination and ruthlessness in our galaxy and on Tatooine.

In addition to the Rakghoul Virus Mission, Ewok and Roll has provided funding for the Damnation Army on Hoth and force training holocrons to the Korriban Academy. Over 1000 Imperial Pain Sticks have also been provided to the Imperial Reeducation center on Belsavis to assist younglings suffering from a disturbing lack of faith in the dark side.

On Hutta, Ewok and Roll has entered into a partnership with the President of the Huttball Federation to provide funding and assistance for the implementation of eight huttball academies for "at-risk" children. 
To the 1 out of 10 children that survive it, these academies will provide solid life skills learned from huttball that can help them succeed not only in huttball but in the galaxy.

Finally, Ewok and Roll is currently in the process of setting up a training center for young Twi'lek women in the Mos Eisley region of Tatooine.

Although funded by Ewok and Roll, the training center is a collaboration between local Mos Eisely institutions and the guild. Said Thunderhawk, "I just want to give back to huttball what huttball has given to me," while pointing to his five Twi'lik female escorts.

With an emphasis on training the women to support the needs of huttball players, the training facility will create social, educational, and athletic programming for young Twi'lik women. The objective of the facility is not only to open doors to young Twi'lik women in huttball related fields but also to improve their looks and demeanor.

Ewok and Roll is an Imperial guild that supports the fight against the Republic including bringing awareness programs to youth from more than 100 planets around the galaxy. To get more information on how you can join their cause please see


T-hawk, Apr 13, 12 7:13 AM.

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